Giving Hope and Feeding Families

The Problem

 The coronavirus pandemic has caused a global economic stir worldwide. US Financial markets remain volatile as the country braces for an unfathomable future throughout the foreseeable future. But the people most impacted by the pandemic and resultant shut down are the individuals

Credit Brooking Institute

The Facts

  • Over 44 million American have filed for unemployment

  • 1 in 5 american children are unable to eat dinner every night

  • 2 in 5 families with mothers under the age of 12 are considered “food insecure”

Stepping up to the plate and making a difference

At Caffe Machiavello, We Are Not Okay With Seeing Families Go Hungry And Decided To Create A Pay It Forward Program.

Help US Make an impact

Sponsor a Meal for a COVID-19 Impacted Individual or Family

  • For Every Meal Sponsored Caffe Machiavello will “match” that meal 1 for 1.
  • Both meal sponsorship and redemption can be done completely anonymously.

Help us reach 25,000

Meals Sponsored so Far

Make Your Difference Today

Click the “Pay it Forward” button to select a meal level to sponsor

Organizations Caffe Machiavello Works With

At Caffe Machiavello we believe that we are one world.

Together we can make a difference and support each other through difficult times.

Together we can battle food insecurity one family at a time.

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